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Quick and Healthy Breakfast Options- for North India

Make your own TastybutHealthy Breakfast: Aloo Paratha (North India)

Since the advent of lowfat, gluten-free dishes, this TastyButHealthy breakfast has been looked down upon as being unhealthy and fattening. However, this is far from reality! Aloo paratha rightly holds its place as being a nutritious, tasty, and healthy #TraditionalIndianBreakfast.

Read below to know why and tickle your taste buds with some delicious Aloo Parathas, today!

1. Weight loss– Potatoes don’t just have carbs, but also high levels of an essential amino acid called lysine, which is a precursor to the human growth hormone (HGH). This hormone helps the body to repair and maintain itself, and also to grow. A boost in HGH production in body improves body composition- decreasing fat stores, increasing muscle tone and insulin sensitivity.

2. Cholesterol control– The lecithin in ghar kaa makhan helps in proper assimilation and metabolism of cholesterol in body.

3. Diabetes– The good fatty acids in makkhan work at stabilizing blood sugar.When blood sugar is stable, rather than jumping from super high to super low, we do not overeat or experience sugar cravings.

4. Digestive– The whole wheat atta provides adequate fibre or roughage, thus making them easily digestible and ‘light’ on the system.

Few more options that are quick, easy and equally healthy are-

1. Moong dal chilla

2. Dalia

3. Besan Chilla

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