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A holistic approach

The science of fitness
& the art of well being

The Gita speaks of Yuktahaar, where ‘yukt’ means right quality, amount and timing, and ‘ahaar’ is food (Bhagavad Gita, 6.17). Lord Krishna tells Arjun that having a balance in food, activity, recreation and sleep is crucial for us to progress in life in all aspects. This philosophy sums up Munmun’s program in a nutshell. It is a diet, exercise and lifestyle intervention program that promotes a holistic approach towards sensible and sustainable weight loss and improved health. In a world of extreme diets, Yuktahaar is the common-sense approach of moderation and sums up her programme in a nutshell.

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The four elements of health

The Yuktahaar Way

We all have something we are looking to overcome. Sometimes these things can seem bigger than us, greater than us. Munmun’s philosophy, the Yuktahaar Way, is based around taking consistent action using four essential elements of health. Using these four elements help you lose weight, bring sustainable and tailored transformation from within and develop the lifestyle you deserve.


Food gives us life, not just calories

Modify your eating habits to reach your best potential, while keeping the “Desi” in you alive.



Make exercise a regular and non-negotiable part of your lifestyle to accelerate your health and quality of life.


A crucial element

A crucial element for weight loss and your continued health and well being.

Neural Retraining

The underrated star

Retrain your mind for a ‘new’ you.

Taking fitness to next level

Consultation Programme

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About Munmun Ganeriwal

Munmun Ganeriwal is an author, award-winning nutritionist and celebrated lifestyle consultant based in Mumbai. Over the last 19 years, she has worked as a nutrition and exercise consultant with a diverse set of clients from all walks of life and across the globe.

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