+91 7678 027 556 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Monday to Saturday) Sign up for diet & exercise consultation.
+91 7678 027 556 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Monday to Saturday) Sign up for diet & exercise consultation.

How To Lose Weight (10kg) & Be Happier: A Happy Weight loss journey!

Baani Kaur is extremely pleased to have lost 10 kilos in a few months. Most importantly, she feels “happier than ever” and enthusiastically shares her weight loss journey with Mumbai nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal.

Prior to commencing her weight loss consultation program with Munmun, Baani suffered from a host of problems: difficulty in sleeping, lack of energy and feeling tired. She experienced fatigue constantly and felt too drained to exercise. Her eating habits were poor and she was gaining weight.

After joining Munmun’s Yuktahaar lifestyle transformation program, Baani eats better, sleeps properly and looks forward to exercising! With the personalized diet plan and special exercises which have been structured by Munmun herself, she started to lose weight gradually. Her routines and progress with weight loss were monitored through specially-designed tools.

Baani explains how she used to be wary of festivals approaching due to fear of weight gain and the likely need for “detox diets”. However, after consulting with Munmun, she now has special diet plans and exercise regimes for these special occasions – so she can eat without guilt, enjoy and look forward to such events.

Baani’s weight loss journey has become the ‘tea gossip’ for her relatives and friends – they are still thinking how this happened.

Now you know!

About Munmun Ganeriwal – Over the last 15 years celebrity nutritionist & fitness consultant, Munmun Ganeriwal has been dedicated to helping individuals achieve sustainable weight loss and fitness keeping in mind their modern lifestyle.

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