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+91 7678 027 556 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Monday to Saturday) Sign up for diet & exercise consultation.
Yuktahaar - The science of fitness & the art of well being
A holistic approach

The science of fitness & the art of well being

The Gita speaks of Yuktahaar, where Lord Krishna tells Arjun that for a meaningful Yoga practice, balance in food and sleep is crucial. This philosophy sums up Munmun’s program in a nutshell. It is a diet, exercise and lifestyle intervention program that promotes a holistic approach towards sensible and sustainable weight loss and improved health.

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Yuktahaar: Clients Speak

Watch Munmun and her clients talk about the benefits of a holistic approach towards sensible and sustainable weight loss and improved health.
The four elements of health

The Yuktahaar Way

We all have something we are looking to overcome. Sometimes these things can seem bigger than us, greater than us. Munmun’s philosophy, the Yuktahaar Way, is based around taking consistent action using four essential elements of health. Using these four elements help you lose weight, bring sustainable and tailored transformation from within and develop the lifestyle you deserve.

Food - Local food, global spirit


Local food, global spirit

Modify your eating habits to reach your best potential, while keeping the “Desi” in you alive.

Exercise - Non-negotiable



Make exercise a regular and non-negotiable part of your lifestyle to accelerate your health and quality of life.

Movement -Yuktahaar style!


Yuktahaar style!

Our bodies are created to be active and in motion. Join in and get moving, Yuktahaar style!

Sleep - A crucial element


A crucial element

A crucial element for weight loss and your continued health and well being.

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According to the tradition of yoga, our physical body is built from the food we eat and is called the “Annamaya Kosha”, “Anna” is “food” and “Maya” means “made of”. You are what you eat.

On this day, the occasion of Guruji BKS Iyengar's 99th Birthday, we thank him for his dedication to the practise of Yoga and the invaluable gift of his teachings to the world.
The Legacy Continues...

Hari Om Tat Sat. Iyengar Yoga
#Iyengaryoga #BKSIyengar
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Mumbai may not be Delhi yet, but the rising smog and air pollution is taking a toll on the health of city folks. Here’s few simple tips you may follow to bolster up your immunity and stay safe and healthy-


1. Jaggery and Ghee – One of the richest sources of iron, JAGGERY helps in increasing the haemoglobin of the body. More RBCs (haemoglobin) = increased oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. This in turn, will help in increasing your lung capacity and ability to fight against the harmful effects of air pollution.

GHEE works as an anti inflammatory agent and will keep you away from allergies (like burning sensation in eyes, dry throat etc.)

HOW TO HAVE- Dip a small piece of jaggery in ghee and have it post meals.

2. Turmeric- Curcumin, the active compound in turmeric, has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It supports liver detoxification and due to its anti-microbial properties, it’s use is beneficial to fight against harmful bacteria.

HOW TO HAVE- Grandmom recommended and now approved by the West, sip on the haldi doodh before you go to bed.

3. Tulsi- The combo of honey, ginger and tulsi works as a decongestant. The antibiotic, anti-bacterial and detox properties of tulsi also enhances hair health and help soothe your flared up & itchy, irritated skin.

HOW TO HAVE- Make a kadha or herbal decoction from a mix of tulsi, ginger, honey, cardamom and crushed pepper in boiling hot water. Excellent for cough, cold and flu.

- Apply Tulsi paste on skin

- Mix Tulsi powder with coconut oil and apply to scalp

4. Amla- One of the richest sources of Vit C, it equips your body to fight infections and improves the body’s immune response. It also helps in digestion by stimulating the secretion of gastric and digestive juices. Healthier gut= Better immunity

HOW TO HAVE- You can make a chutney out of it and have it along with your meals or have the probiotic-rich Amla murabba as any of your mid- meals.

5. SAFFRON- The most expensive spice in the world, Kesar is rich in antioxidants like carotenoids, which in turn, helps prevent free radical damage and is beneficial in boosting resistance against infections.

HOW TO HAVE- Take 4-5 strands of kesar and soak it in water overnight or for 2-3 hours. Have it first thing in the morning along with its water in the morning.


1. Surya namaskar (sun salutation) and poses that open the chest, throat, and sinuses help eliminate mucus and remove congestion in the respiratory organs.

2. Few simple poses or asanas that one can practise are the fish (matsyasana), boat (paripurna navasana), bow (dhanurasana), locust (salabhasana), and camel (ustrasana) poses, along with inversions like shoulderstand (sarvangasana) and the headstand (shirshasana).

These simple yoga poses will help get the blood flowing to increase immunity and build your health & vitality.


1. Steam inhalation with lemon grass- Lemongrass has antibacterial and antifungal properties that help you cope with cough, flu and cold. Loaded with Vitamin C, it also boosts the immune system of the body to fight the infection. For sinusitis, cold, and bronchitis a steam inhalation is very helpful. Boil a handful of lemon grass leaves in water & inhale.

2. Rub ghee inside your nostrils- Just before you step out of the house, apply a thin layer of ghee with your little finger to the insides of your nostrils. This helps get rid of the acute effects of pollution and prevents allergies, rhinitis etc.

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"Small, sustainable changes are the key to making lifestyle changes actually stick and become a lifestyle. One change at a time!"

Hear out Anjill Aurora from Mumbai talk about how he has turned his lifestyle around with small, simple steps. Real change happens bit by bit. It takes great effort to become effortless at anything. There are no quick fixes.

Eating right is just not about losing weight. It goes beyond the weighing scale and is about making you reach your greatest potential so that you live life to the fullest. It is about becoming the best version of yourself.

And for Anjill who is a workaholic; eating right, exercising consistently and sleeping well just translated into better work performance, enhanced decision making skills and improved energy and work productivity. Click on the video to hear him talk about his weight loss and fitness journey.

For more details - www.munmunganeriwal.com
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