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+91 7678 027 556 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Monday to Saturday) Sign up for diet & exercise consultation.

A holistic approach

The science of fitness & the art of well being

The Gita speaks of Yuktahaar, where ‘yukt’ means right quality, amount and timing, and ‘ahaar’ is food (Bhagavad Gita, 6.17). Lord Krishna tells Arjun that having a balance in food, activity, recreation and sleep is crucial for us to progress in life in all aspects. This philosophy sums up Munmun’s program in a nutshell. It is a diet, exercise and lifestyle intervention program that promotes a holistic approach towards sensible and sustainable weight loss and improved health. In a world of extreme diets, Yuktahaar is the common-sense approach of moderation and sums up her programme in a nutshell.

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Yuktahaar: The Belly And Brain Diet

Watch Munmun talk about her new book and how it can help you.
The four elements of health

The Yuktahaar Way

We all have something we are looking to overcome. Sometimes these things can seem bigger than us, greater than us. Munmun’s philosophy, the Yuktahaar Way, is based around taking consistent action using four essential elements of health. Using these four elements help you lose weight, bring sustainable and tailored transformation from within and develop the lifestyle you deserve.

Food - Local food, global spirit


Food gives us life, not just calories

Modify your eating habits to reach your best potential, while keeping the “Desi” in you alive.

Sleep - A crucial element


A crucial element

A crucial element for weight loss and your continued health and well being.

Exercise - Non-negotiable



Make exercise a regular and non-negotiable part of your lifestyle to accelerate your health and quality of life.

Sleep - A crucial element

Neural Retraining

The underrated star

Retrain your mind for a ‘new’ you.

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What people who have experienced Yuktahaar have to say
  • “I have a long association with Munmun, as long as almost 11 years now. I had seen her work with people with different clinical histories like diabetes, PCOD, thyroid, infertility, insulin resistance. They implemented simple lifestyle changes, one at a time, and completely reversed their disorders. It was magical. That is when I decided to work with her to get fitter. I now eat with lot of love for my food and simply without stuffing myself. Losing weight has never been this simple!”

    Rashmi Goenka
    Clinical Embryologist
  • “My journey started from 75 kgs to my current 59kgs over 2 years. It’s a journey from eating out all the time to once a week, not working out to pushing over 250lbs on the leg press, from huffing and puffing on the treadmill to running 2 kms in 20 mins. A journey from void to being full of life, “no time” to making time, oversized tees to well fitted tops, tons of weight lost but that’s not the point, the point is I found myself!”

    Panchali Baishya
  • “With Munmun’s expertise my weight loss journey has not only become effortless but fun. Between all the travels, celebrations, fasts and feasts, kid’s exams and everyday stresses, I have learnt how to tweak my meals and exercise. My sleep, acne, energy levels, have all improved remarkably. Painful ear ache on long flights have disappeared for good. What more can one ask for? Wish you lots of love, luck and success Munmun, you truly deserve it!”

    Richa Rawat
  • “I had been trying to conceive since few months and also took 1 IUI treatment. When my doctor asked me to lose weight, I was given some powders and asked to cut down food intake drastically. All that followed was not weight loss but frustration and depression. Then Munmun came into my life at the right moment. Just 4 months into the program and I could see real changes in me. Though you do not like the word ‘results’ but yes, its showing on my body. Thanks a lot dear. Love you!”

    Aditi Saraf
    Chartered Accountant
  • “I am extremely glad that I took the decision to work with Munmun in order to realign my life in terms of diet, exercise, sleep and overall wellbeing. Always been a frequent beer drinker, I now somehow manage myself some 2 pints, only 1-2 times a week. Its fascinating what a good diet can do! Well she has one major problem : She forgets nothing. She will remember your entire journey with her and has an ocean of suggestions to be made on all parameters. Whenever you speak to her it gives you a feel of someone majorly concerned about you. IT REALLY MEANS A LOT TO HAVE SOMEONE OF THIS KIND. Thanks Munmun!”

    Anjill Aurora
  • “I have known Munmun for more than 11 years now and what makes her stand out is the dedication to her profession. Her in-depth knowledge coupled with her ability to understand individual needs of people with diverse medical histories and clinical conditions makes her excellent at her work.”

    Dr. Deepak Goenka
    Infertility Specialist & Laparoscopic Surgeon • Director, Institute of Human Reproduction (IHR)
  • “I have known Munmun for more than 6 years now and have always held her in high esteem. My perception towards diet, food and exercise has changed over the years of knowing her. From busting the myth that foods that make you lose weight are boring or hard to follow to offering practical, easy and effective solutions, she has been a vocal champion in my fitness journey. I just can not thank her enough.”

    Ravdeep Singh
  • “Meeting Munmun has been a life changing experience and I thank my brother for introducing me to her. While I lost 6 kgs on scale and a whole lot of inches, I gained my health and my sleep back. Nothing can be more blissful than to be on a diet that includes all your favourite foods (like rice, banana and ghee). It works like magic. Take my word for it!”

    Baani Kaur
  • “Without your help, getting rid of my diabetes pills would not had been possible. Thanks Munmun!”

    Neena Saikia
  • “I have known Munmun for almost 6 years now. What sets her apart from other nutritionists is her added qualification as a competent exercise consultant. In the constantly evolving scientific world of fitness and nutrition, she has kept abreast of cutting edge knowledge in the field. Unlike others, she encourages her clients to workout and educates them to get fit v/s just lose weight. Clients on the other hand find her approach honest, practical and effective.”

    Swastika Jain
    Director, Golds Gym
  • “After some bad experiences with arguably the best nutritionists in Mumbai, me and my wife placed our last hopes in the efficient hands of Munmun and decided to consult her. My wife had recently been diagnosed of a tumour. Munmun not only restored our confidence but would go out of her way to help in any manner possible. Our health issues were finally taken care of and addressed by her, that too in a very simple and doable way. She is humble, down to earth, exceptionally dedicated and patient. Her working style is completely different from the others in the same profession and one has to only experience it to know it. My wife recovered beautifully post the surgery and we thank Munmun from all our heart for being there!”

    Nilesh Shetty
  • I had been facing various health issues since last 20 years like with my periods, endometriosis, regular infections, bloating etc. I had been visiting various doctors since years. Even had a surgery in 2015. But there was no difference in the way I felt. The pills that the doctors had put me to, actually made my condition worse. No doctor could actually diagnose what the issue was and I had reached a stage where I slipped into depression, not knowing what to do. Thanks to Munmun, she identified and diagnosed exactly what the problem was. Since I have been consulting her, I have seen a great difference. She suggested the food I needed to have to heal my body, the supplements and of course exercise as well. She taught me how to listen to my body and how to eat accordingly. And thank god, I am back to my life! I feel younger, beautiful, more energetic and want to live my life to the fullest now.

    Annapurna Sharma
    IT Professional