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Watch Aditi Saraf talk about her journey to weight loss and fitness. Once struggling with PCOD, she showed immense courage in giving lifestyle a fair chance instead of popping pills prescribed by her doctors. The result of her consistent efforts is a much confident Aditi who has lost 10 inches, is free from menstrual pains, and most importantly is happy & content.

Top food, fitness strategies that helped her to get PCOD free and lose weight are-

1. Eating fresh food that is local and seasonal– Her diet was tweaked based on the seasons and based on what was available locally. From jackfruit to mango, from rice to jowar and from coconut to ghee, she had all the seasonal and fresh local food fearlessly.

2. Planning for meals– Being a working woman and a frequent traveller, her meals were planned in advance. She learnt that to lose weight it is important to nurture her appetite and not suppress, to eat lovingly and not deprive.

3. Exercising consistently– Instead of shifting from one exercise to another in search of weight loss, she learnt to stay consistent with the one exercise she chose to begin with. Structured and progressive exercise plans ensured she increases her lean muscle mass to look fit & toned, not just thin & skinny.

4. Regulating bed timings – The most crucial for weight loss and maintaining hormonal balance is sleep. Keeping all electronics away at least an hour before bed & regulating bed timings, enabled her to wake up fresher and more in harmony with her own self.

Interested in adopting a lifestyle change to counter hormonal imbalance and PCOD? Get in touch with us for a diet and exercise consultation and let us work together to achieve your health and wellness goals.

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