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April 2021





Things you SHOULD DO :

The Prophet has said, ‘Take Suhoor as there is a blessing in it.'” Having the Suhoor meal before the Fajr prayer is so important that in old days, a mesaharati (public waker) was appointed during the month of Ramadhan only to wake people up so that they eat before the prayers and the impending fast.

Eating a wholesome meal just before you begin fasting will keep your blood sugar level steady, prevent nausea & headache during fasting hours and will give you the energy to sustain throughout the day.

Things to NOT DO :

Do not skip this meal even if it requires you to wake up 15-20 mins before you otherwise would.

MEAL OPTIONS – Hot homemade breakfast like poha milk/ roti dahi/ upma/ eggs & roti.




Things you SHOULD DO :

1. Eat slowly, it will help you feel full and prevent you from over eating
2. Eat max 2-3 items at a time
3. Plan your meals ahead
4. Eat fresh meals cooked at home
5. Any one dessert at the start of your main meal

Things to NOT DO :

1. Do not overstuff yourself as it will lead to acidity, lethargy, bloating
2. Do not drink too much at a time and too fast. Instead have sips of water throughout the non-fasting hours
3. Avoid packaged/ processed food products. They will cause dehydration, constipation, insulin resistance and weight gain


Break your fast with– Dates/ Seasonal Fresh fruits / Homemade sherbets

Post Magrib prayerHaleem/ Biryani raita/ Nonbu kanji/ Rice or Roti & any one type of meat

Post Taraweeh prayer – Milk/ Masala milk/ Milk with gulkand/ Haldi doodh/ Labaan/ Roasted makhana/ Buttermilk


1. Tea/ coffee – Not more than 2 cups/ day. Have it 15-20 mins after your main evening meal

2. Exercise– Best time to workout is 60 mins post your main evening meal. Make sure to hydrate immediately after your session and have a post workout meal (fruit & protein shake) to replenish your fluid and glycogen

3. Sleep– Make sure you get restful sleep so that you wake up fresh for the fast next day. Not only does inadequate sleep interfere with digestion, it will leave you cranky, irritable and also contribute to weight gain. Rubbing ghee or sesame oil on the soles of the feet at bedtime induces sound sleep

4. Fluids – Drink plenty of water between Iftaar and Suhoor to ensure the colour of urine is crystal clear, not cloudy

Stay healthy, stay blessed! Ramadan Mubarak! Ramadan Kareem!!

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Mangoes, the tasty & healthy summer fruit

MANGOES: The Summer Fruit with Amazing Benefits

Mirza Ghalib has sung its praises and Rabindranath Tagore, Amir Khusro have written poems on it, mango is not called the ‘king’ of fruits for nothing.

Hailed by Ayurveda as ‘Sheeta’ (coolant) and ‘Laghu’ (light to digest), it makes for the ideal summer fruit for you.

And if it’s great taste makes you feel it cannot be healthy, then check out just 10 good reasons why you should “cool” your summer with mangoes!

1. DIABETES – Low in GI, mango is not only safe for diabetics but highly recommended as it delivers sustained energy without spiking the blood sugar levels

2. OVERWEIGHT – It is fat-free, cholesterol-free and does not make you fat even if you eat it every day. The soluble fibre, pectin along with the vitamins and minerals in it helps to keep you satiated and full for a longer time.

3. INFERTILITY– Abundant in Vit E, mango is called the ‘love fruit’ as it regulates sex hormones and boosts sex drive. Think Aamsutra!

4. BLOOD PRESSURE – Being an excellent source of Vit C, it works towards lowering the body’s blood pressure.

5. PCOD – Rich in Vit B6, a mango a day will help regulate hormones and reduce PMS

6. THYROID – The Magnesium in mango converts the inactive T4 thyroid hormone into the active form of T3, thus enhancing the metabolism of the body

7. CHOLESTEROL –The high levels of folic acid in it reduces serum cholesterol levels, especially the LDL cholesterol in the body

8. CONSTIPATION – The Prebiotic fibre it contains eases the bowel movement and keeps the digestive tract clean

9. ACNE – Vit A in mango makes it the skin’s best friend. It helps fight acne and is anti ageing

10. HEART DISEASE– Loaded with compounds called polyphenols which are strong antioxidants, it protects against heart disease and cancer.

No excuses, go grab a mango, right now!

 Other Indian summer foods & drinks that will benefit you-

  1. Sugarcane Juice- A Summer Drink To Relish
  2.  Enjoy local Tadgolas (toddy palm) in Summer
  3. Rice- To Beat the Heat
  4. Are Sabja Seeds part of your Summer Diet?
  5. Cool and Healthy Indian Summer Drink- Variyali Sherbet
  6. The ancient and exotic Neera!
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