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June 24, 2018

Make your own #TastybutHealthy recipe: Misal Pav!

Since the food industry has conditioned us to believe that food that is tasty cannot be healthy, we often mistake our regional, traditional snacks as fattening or unhealthy. So together let’s discover the health benefits of #TastybutHealthy Misal Pav so that not only you start cooking more of it at home, you also start enjoying the dish guilt-free!

1. High in good quality protein

People in general, especially vegetarians, are often worried about optimal protein intake in their diet. Misal that is cooked with various kinds of legumes& sprouts and eaten along with local bread (Pav), represents a complementary food combination where the limited amino acids in one food item is adequately supplemented by amino acids in the other food item.
The ‘Pav’ is deficient in the amino acid lysine but rich in methionine, while legumes/ sprouts are deficient in amino acid methionine and has plenty of lysine. Therefore, a combination of Misal & Pav works very well to give full benefits of all the essential amino acids/complete protein profile to the body. This concept (and wisdom) of using complementary food items and complementary proteins is deeply entrenched in Misal Pav since time immemorial.

2. Rich in fibre

The legumes/sprouts provide adequate roughage as well, thus making them easily digestible and ‘light’ on the system.

3. Rich in essential fats

The inclusion of copra (dry coconut), mustard seeds, curry leaves in the recipe provides for all the essential fatty acids that are required for immunity, healthy joints and yes, weight loss too!

4. Digestive

Thanks to the rich Indian tradition of using a multitude of spices in our incomparable array of cuisines, digestion is seldom a big issue with Indian food.The use of jeera, lavang, kalimirch, dalchini etc in the Misal masala makes sure that you can “have it and eat it too”

FUN FACT- Not many know that Mumbai Misal Pav has been recognized as the ‘World’s Tastiest Vegetarian Snack’. Beating dishes from across the world such as Barcelona, Perth, Athens and more, the humble Misal Pav was awarded in 2015 for its “wonderful textural colours and contrasts”; at the Foodie Hub Global Awards, London.

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