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Body Transformation: Baani Kaur

How To Lose Weight (10kg) & Be Happier: A Happy Weight loss journey!

Baani Kaur was this typical architect girl with erratic work nature that made her shuttle between Guwahati-Delhi-Ludhiana and an even more erratic sleeping pattern. My meeting with her at one of my seminars is what she describes as ‘life changing’.

It’s one thing to lose 6 kgs in a span of just 2 months and being able to maintain it for more than a year keeping all the travelling in mind but an altogether different ball game to call it ‘life changing’. It’s about moving beyond the number game. It’s about the calm that comes from the fact that you are no longer struggling to sleep till dawn but are sleeping just on time every night to wake up fresh & energetic in the morning. It’s about feeling amused when people around tell you that you could not have done this by eating rice, ghee & banana, that there’s something you are hiding and that its OK to tell 🙂

Body Transformation: Baani KaurIt’s about the joy that comes from the fact that you no longer experience severe ‘menstrual cramps’ that you had sub consciously accepted & feared every month. It’s about taking immense pride that you are taking to exercise more than willingly when even the thought of it made you feel lazy & drained out. It’s about having the wisdom to be able to fearlessly nurture your appetite when you see the world around you going out of the way to suppress theirs.

And finally its about being aware that its not the number on the weighing scale or the size of the LBD that changes one’s life but it takes much more than that to call meeting someone as ‘life changing’.

Hear Baani Kaur talk about her transformation in this video

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