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The ‘scientific’ view on ‘Maa ke haath kaa khana’ on Mother’s day

The ‘scientific’ view on ‘Maa ke haath kaa khana’ on Mother’s day

The ‘scientific’ view on ‘Maa ke haath kaa khana’ on Mother’s day

We got to admit that the food and weight loss industry has got us all so confused that we are eating anything but simple home made food. The switch from childhood dal chawal to brown rice with beans happened so systematically that every time I ask my clients what their favourite food has been, I am told – ‘Well, I don’t remember, let me call my mom and ask her’!

I am yet to find a mom who takes more than a nano second to dish out the answer. My question might sound straight from Derek O’Brien’s quiz to my clients but to all the moms out there its just so easy-peasy.

The ‘Maa ke haath kaa khana’ has been deglamourized by food experts holding the ‘weight loss’ torch. The parathas have been looked down as ‘fattening’. The ‘halwas’ that once filled up even the neighbour’s house with its aroma are said to be unhealthy and having too much sugar. Little did mommie knew that food she cooked would be reduced to mere calories and the measure of carbs and fats it contains.

It will be interesting, I thought, to look at the other side of ‘Maa ke haath kaa khana’ and what better day than today, the Mother’s day.

Though back at home ‘Maa ke haath kaa khana is considered anything but trendy and cool, home cooked meals is amongst the hottest food trends of 2017. The popularity of Home based chefs and restaurants serving family style meals across the globe is testimony to the fact that ghar kaa khaana is quite a rage in the West. Public health programs in America have been promoting home cooking and home food. And if these aren’t exciting enough for you, here’s few more reasons why you should be making way towards your kitchen at home-

1. The USFDA, in their 2015-2020 dietary guidelines recommend that we must eat traditional foods that are a part of our culture. Oops! Your dietician probably didn’t update you with this information before replacing your good old ghee with olive oil.

2. Genetically compliant – Researchers have found that diets personalized to our genetic make-up are far more effective compared to current ‘one-size-fits-all’ dietary recommendations.

For a diverse nation like ours where food is so personalised that it changes every 200 kms, do we really need a research to tell us this?

It’s time to ditch the “eaten by all” breakfast cereals and oats. Put back the idlis, poha, parathas or luchi aloo on the breakfast table based on where you come from.

3. Fat burnerGhar kaa khaana is always local and hence more nutritious. Better nutrient profile of foods consumed means better fat oxidation in body. Bole toh better fat burning! Voila!

4. Better taste – What is tastier? Your rajma chawal that gets you nostalgic with childhood memories or the unfamiliar quinoa with lentils you just learned how to make from the internet? I rest my case.

5. Convenient – The key word for Food giants to change our eating habits and introduce industrialised, packaged, processed food has been CONVENIENCE.
Unlike general notion, Ghar kaa khaana is the most convenient food one can have. Ask your mom and she will be able to tell you recipes that takes couple of minutes to be prepared. Case in point – Curd rice.

So cook up your jeera aloo and bhindi masala, eat it up and do not forget to Instagram with trending hashtag of #MothersDay. With lots of gratitude to all mothers, Happy Mothers Day!

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