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Foods to have this summer – # 4

Sugarcane Juice- A Summer Drink To Relish


If only the small vendors on the streets promoted Ganne kaa Ras as ‘cold pressed’, ‘anti –tan’, ’vitamin enriched’ and ‘weight loss’ drink, we would have felt so ‘up-market’ about ourselves standing by his cart, watching the sugarcane stalks crushing into this beautiful green coloured juice.


This summer cooler not only rehydrates but offers many other benefits for we urban Indians-

1. “So much sugar!”- I most commonly hear this from my clients every time I ask them to down a glass of sugarcane juice. As a matter of fact, sugarcane juice has low glycemic index (GI). Eating foods that have a low GI is recommended as a nutritional strategy for diabetes, weight gain, insulin resistance and PCOD

Foods to have this summer – # 4

2. If you have hopped on to the newest diet trend wagon of alkaline diets, know that sugarcane juice is alkaline in nature. Your diet surely will not get more delicious than this

3. Go to the newest beauty clinic you know and you will hear your dermatologist swear by glycolic peels to take off your wrinkles, acne, sun tan or to work on the uneven skin tone. Know that sugarcane being a rich source of this glycolic acid, these peels are actually derived from sugarcane. Ouch!! Did it just hurt your pocket??

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