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Cool and Healthy Indian Summer Drink – Variyali Sherbet


Until detox drinks got glamourized by the ‘weight loss’ industry, almost all ‘Gujju’ households would be swearing by their Variyali sherbet for its great taste and heat reducing virtues.

Made from saunf or fennel seeds, Variyali sherbet is an instant summer cooler.


WEIGHT LOSS & DETOXSaunf contains flavonoid called ‘Kaempferol’. This is the same compound that gives ‘antioxidant’, ‘detox’ and ‘weight loss’ properties to green tea. So if you are looking to get thinner, a glass of Variyali sherbet is all you need!

Have a glassful before you get into your favourite dress for a beach party this season

REMEDY FOR PMS & MENSTRUAL CRAMPS– A rich source of vital minerals like selenium and zinc, saunf helps maintain hormonal balance, regulate periods and reduces PMS. It also gives relief from menstrual cramps. This is because of its anti spasmodic properties, which is at work here

DIGESTIVE & ANTI-INFLAMMATION– According to Ayurveda, it has ‘Agnikrut’ qualities – that which improves digestive strength. The anti-inflammatory effects of saunf rids you of bloating and flatulence.

– When to have it? – Have a glass around 3pm, as your post lunch snack

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